Cat Care-e-er

Cat Carrier Bag
No more scratches or bites. Dual purpose cat bag.  Makes treating ears, eyes, skin, or giving oral drugs safe and easy. Cats love bags and easily crawl inside this rugged nylon bag. Developed by veterinarians and used by veterinarians. Once the cat is inside the bag, just secure the head with our easy to secure purse string, and close the top Velcro closure. Cats feel secure and comfortable inside. Since they cannot escape, they allow you to give oral pills or oral liquids, treat eyes or ears, or even do a nail trim. Used by veterinarians and cat owners worldwide for the humane treatment of felines. Can be used for rabbits, reptiles, and other small pets.


Safe easy treatment-makes treating ears, eyes, skin, or giving oral drugs safe and easy. Helps eliminate scratches or bites to you when treating your pet.
• Flea Treatments are quick, safe and easy if you use Frontline,Biospot,etc. or powders (just add powder and shake). Effective and humane, you will be able to give the treatments to your cat, instead of giving up in frustration.
• Very Low Priced.
• 2 large openings – a self locking purse string around the neck plus a long easy to use Velcro top makes putting the cat inside easy! Cats love the security that a bag provides, many just crawl inside on their own. Durable nylon in attractive royal blue with white handle. Clients love it
• It works GREAT. NOTHING ELSE COMPARES. You save time.
• Great cat or pet carrier to prevent cats from hiding under the seats or urinating in the car. You can place the cat in the bag then set it on your lap or on the seat next to you to comfort your cat as you drive. They love it. Many cats just want to hide inside the bag.

How to use: Once you purchase the bag and before you use, place the bag near the litter pan for 1-2 days. Open the bag in another room or slowly so the sound does not intimidate your pet. Close your cat in a small room so it can't escape. Before your first use, gently place the purse string opening over the cats neck to size it, then remove the bag from the cats neck and tighten the purse sting to nearly the final size that fits that cat. Place the purse string over the head and tighted the purse string till it is a comfortable fit. Pet your cat and assure it to relieve any tension. Next let the cat walk into the bag with it's front feet (this is nearly always the case-the cats just crawl in). If it doesn't, just place the front feet inside the bag. Finally, grab both rear feet in one hand and roll them into the bag. Grab the bag on each end of the velcro closure and lift up to situate the cat. Seal the velcro closure. If your cat is large or arches it's back to try to get out, use one to two safety pins to lock the velcro closed (this is rarely needed but have 2 safety pins on hand just in case). It is a good idea to just place your cat in the bag one to two times and just pet it, before you do any treatments or use as a carrier, so it is conditioned to relax. Or you can just place your cat inside the bag without using the velcro purse sting.

Do not purchase if your cat weighs more than 14 pounds or is completely unmanageable. If you can not handle your pet, nothing will work short of tranquilizers.