Equine Worm Test @ Home Kit

The EQUINE WORM TEST@HOME insures the health and peak performance of your horse or other farm animals. SAVE on multiple wormers that either do not work or cause more resistance-you may not need to worm. Find out if your horse has worms, which kinds, and how severe is the level of worms. Save $300-$1000/year in feed costs since your won't have the heavy load of worm destroying the intestine and robing your horse of nutrition. Just collect a tablespoon of stool and mail to our Veterinary Lab. The EQUINE WORM TEST@HOME offers the ultimate in convenience! Test at home and save!!!   

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Our test demonstrate that in most farms 45-50% of horses are negative for worms and 10-17% of horses are resistant to the most common wormers so in most cases you are wasting your money by trying to guess what is the best wormer to use. This is the reason drug companies suggest that you rotate thru 4 different wormers. However, if only two of the 4 wormers that you choose work and the wormer lasts only 1 month before the horse is reinfested, then your horse is infested with worms for 10 of the 12 months each year. Just think about this and your horse and your feed bill. Use this test to KNOW if your horse has worms and what to do about it-MOVE INTO the 21st Century. Our test is the ONLY way to answer these questions:
  1. Did the wormer that I just used work, which wormer should I use that will work, is my horse resistant to various wormers and which ones?              
  2. Does your horse have worms and which type of worms?
  3. How severe is the worm infestation?
  4. Do I need to use any wormers at all if my horses are consistently negative?

An easy and accurate way to diagnose worms in your horse. Accuracy is guaranteed and most of the time the results are more accurate than your veterinarian, since the EQUINE WORM test is done at our veterinary lab, where we use a better concentrating fluid, allow 1-4 hours of flotation (most clinics use 10 minutes) or centrifuge our samples. Just collect 1-2 tablespoons of stool sample, place it in our collection device, then mail using first class mail to our lab. We process the sample(s)-then call, email, or fax results within 24 hours of receipt (M-F). We can also help diagnose tapeworm if you send the tapeworm in a separate bag with the fecal sample.

    *20% of horses have a resistance problem and wormers do not work. Your horse can have extremely high loads of worms for 12 months a year regardless of which wormer (or Power Pac, etc) you use unless you test your horse a second time to know for sure the wormer worked. You are wasting your money and making the resistance problem even worse. 50% of the horses that use our testing program are free of worms.

    Research in Australia, New Zealand, etc. has proven that animals with worms consume 10-30% more feed. Our testing service could save you $30-$100/month in reduced feed costs.