Feline Leukemia Test @ home kit
The Feline Leukemia @ Home Test offers

Test at home and save $60-$100!

A simple saliva test that is fast and easy No blood testing required No veterinarian visit means less stress for you and your cat

This is the exact same ELISA test for feline leukemia virus detection that is used by all veterinarians. Results on negative cats are of the same accuracy. All negative cats should be retested every 6-12 months.

This test is a great screening test with statistically the same accuracy on positive cats. All positive cats should be retested in 2-6 weeks which is the same suggestions given if blood tests were used.

The FELINE LEUKEMIA TEST@HOME  AT HOME test is SIMPLE TO DO. You simply collect the saliva by moistening the enclosed swab in the cat's mouth. Then mail it in to our licensed veterinary lab via normal first class mail. You'll save up to 50%!

We perform the test within 24 hours of receiving the sample then call, email and/or fax you the results.