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Perfect Pet Products, LLC testing kits have been sold and used by veterinarians and their clients for 10 years. We are a veterinary owned company. We developed the AT HOME testing kits for our clients to better comply with our suggestions and help us do a better job. Many of our clients do not follow our suggestions because of costs, time, convenience, forgetfulness, etc. After practicing for 35+ years I decided to use this new approach to pet care AND it has solved these issues. I was encouraged by my clients and other veterinarians, especially house call and mobile veterinarians, to market them to others who need this new product. We now realized that there is a large and growing need for this approach to increasing client compliance and generating thousands of dollars of additional income.

 Client’s benefits are: •EASY-collect a small sample, place in a mailer, and mail first class mail. •ACCURATE-tests are performed in a Veterinary Lab. • SPEEDY RESULTS-we call within 24 hrs. of receipt and then provide • WRITTEN RESULTS via email or fax.                                                                                                                                                          

We sell the Fecal and Equine kits in 2 forms: 1) The complete fecal lab service included with the kit (clamshell, kit, collection devices, and lab service which is prepaid) 2) As the the collection kit only (clamshell, cover, collection devices, bags, and return mail envelopes-which you address). Your clients mail the sample to your veterinary hospital and you to process the test.

Veterinarians benefit by: • Increased client compliance to increase their pet’s health for those clients who do not follow your suggestions   Increased customer loyalty and satisfaction when you offer convenient alternatives  • Increased revenue. (50-80% of clients forget or can’t collect the samples)  • Help client’s better monitor the progress of their pets.  If pets are not responding to treatment they know they must return–and they return sooner. • Staff motivation will improve as they see how much more that you are helping ALL pets.