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NEW AT HOME veterinary testing kits-now available and at a 40% Discount.    

Test for Worms in all pets and horses,  FELINE LEUKEMIA,  HEARTWORM , Lyme,  and urination/ behavioral problems!!  

Why use these AT HOME test kits??    ·   Convenient–you collect the sample and mail to our veterinary lab(we are veterinarians.  Accurate–we perform the exact same test for the same accurate results.   ·    Fast Written Results–we call, fax or email the results within 24 hours of receipt. Save time–no trips to a vet hospital.  ·   SAVE 20-50% of your normal (reduced) costs of veterinary care. ·    AND IF YOU ALSO DECIDE TO SELL THESE ATTRACTIVE KITS as well as use them to help the pets you directly serve will   ·  increase sales by hundreds of dollars per pet owner. Since the average pet owner has 2-4 pets our testing kits guarantee hundreds of dollars in badly needed income which will recur and grow every year.   · Every one of your customer’s will need at least one of our tests. Dogs and cats need 4 tests each and every year-all other pets need at least the worm test.  ·   These kits will generate income from your members and supporters, yet at the same time SAVE THEM UP TO 50%.   ·  More importantly it will increase your membership as you attract new pet owners who need these services but cannot afford to go to our vet hospitals.  We provide the opportunity for pet owners to take better care of their pet by testing for the most common diseases of all pets without leaving home and savings of 50% on their care.  50% of pet owners do not use a veterinarian due to the costs.  70% of you who see a Vet want a less costly and more convenient alternative. We are a licensed veterinary lab and produce the same precise results as if you came to our veterinary hospital.

This is a Win-Win situation for everyone.                                                                                                                                                      You win by offering a new product that every single pet owner needs.  Increase your income.  Decrease your costs. Increase your membership and number of supporters. Increase the amount of club member’s donations when you demonstrate how sincere you are about the welfare of all PETS and All PET OWNERS.                                                                                                     Your supporters and pet guardians that you help win: They SAVE 50% or more on the total veterinary costs plus SAVE TIME AND THE TRIP.  70% of those who use a veterinarian are looking for a less costly alternative, especially if they have multiple pets. But the biggest market for these low cost and convenient test kits are those pet owners who want to test but do not use a vet at all because of the high cost. 50% of dog owners - 80% of cat owners- and 99% of rabbits, birds, reptiles, do not use a veterinarian, yet they all know they should test their pets and want to, especially if they have children. They know that people can get worms from pets. Multiple pet households need a more affordable alternative. We solve these issues.                         Pets really win: They finally can get the care they need. If pets are diagnosed with any of these diseases they can be taken to a veterinarian sooner. This saves pet lives and their owner’s money with an earlier diagnosis for the same vet test. Veterinarians win: They will treat more sick pets for customers they otherwise would never see or see too late to treat. Veterinarians, especially mobile Vets sell all of our kits, especially the urine test. As a follow-up for urinary diseases.

How does it work?   4 of our test kits simply require the customer to send a sample to our lab.  Pet owners or your staff collect the sample; add stamps to our envelope, and mail. Everything is included in the costs. All you do, sell them-it’s that easy. 1) The PET WORM and the 2) EQUINE WORM test require the customer to put 1 teaspoon of stool in the container and mail via normal mail first class mail. 3) The FELINE LEUKEMIA requires a cat owner to moisten the swab with saliva and mail to us. 4) The HEARTWORM requires a nail trim or vein draw                                                                             

The two URINE TESTS kits are easy to do at home tests.  Simply moisten the paper stick in the urine, then place the stick on the color chart - circle the color on the chart and then open up the chart to see if the pet has any diseases such as diabetes, kidney/liver problems, bladder disease, etc.                                                                                                                                        5) The Pet Health Checkup serves 4 important needs of dogs and cats. It is:  1) a great annual health checkup used for pets urinating in the home or especially for pets older than 6 years of age.  However 95% do not have a disease, but instead a behavioral problem. Pet owners save the $100-200 in vet fees it would have costs to learn that their pet is healthy but has a behavioral issue. We include a 20 page book to solve the problem step by step. This saves $500-1500 in behavioral fees. The book also 3) solves puppy and kitten housetraining and litter training problems and 4) and helps prevent the common problem of dogs eating their stool.                                                                                                                                                                       6) The LAWN + URINE DAMAGE kit tests for dogs killing the grass and works the same way. We test for four substances (protein, ph, blood, and sugar) to see if there is a supplement or dietary change needed. 95% of the cases due not require a dietary change but are due to the grass. Our 12 page book tells you how to solve the problem and guarantees a solution.