Lawn & urine damage test FAQ
Dead grass/spots in lawns from dog’s urine are preventable, and in most cases without additional costs. We guarantee that your customers will resolve this problem when  they use this kit and follow the suggestions. How much do your customers spend to make their lawn look great? Compare the very low cost of this kit which will prevent and help restore their beautiful lawn. They may save money on other pet related products such as dog food, urine, or stool care products.  
 Benefits to you and your staff:   1)You will remove the most common frustration that home owners with pets have, 2) create a more loyal customer, 3) increase your gross sales by selling this kit and twice as much fertilizer, as well as other products that we suggest (one suggestion is to fertilize twice as often but with a lower nitrogen fertilizer), and 4)sell a product with recurring sales(sell at least one each year and 2-4 if the dog has a diet or disease problem). In addition the product takes only a small space, is very low cost, and provides a good  margin.
  This Inexpensive Kit Includes: 1) An easy to use one step urine test strip which detects abnormal levels of ph, protein (urea), blood (infection), and glucose(diabetes) in the urine. We help interpret the results and then help make any dietary changes that may be necessary.  This kit may keep pets healthy by helping to detecting kidney, bladder, or diabetes before they pets become severely ill.  1)An easy to use chart which helps you interpret the results. 2) A 12 page booklet with a list of procedures that you need to do to prevent damage caused by urine burning the grass. We help pet owners know if the urine is abnormal and what to do about it. If the urine is normal, we help them know what other changes to make to solve the problem   PERMANENTLY. We guarantee results—100%