Pet Health Checkup FAQs

The Pet Health Checkup Screens for these 12 common diseases:

  • Kidney disease
  • Liver conditions
  • Bladder disease/infections
  • Bacterial infections of the bladder
  • Diabetes Mellitus • Hepatitis
  • Diabetes Insipidus
  • Kidney infections
  • Urinary Tract infections
  • Auto-immune/Bleeding diseases
  • Cushing's disease
  • Prostate disease

Our 24 page booklet:
1) helps train puppies/kittens, and will help pet owners to resolve those problems.
2) helps determine which products will work or eliminate stains and odors.
3) helps determine if your pet is normal or has a disease.
4) helps resolve urine burns to the lawn. Every pet will benefit from this inexpensive but reliable health check kit.

 How often should I use the Pet Health Checkup, to test my pet's urine for disease?
It depends on the age and health of your pet, and if any problems have occurred in the past.
1.  Test twice a year or at least annually for healthy dogs and cats with no previous or present problems from the age of 1-6 years.
2. Test at least every 2-4 months for any pet with previous bladder diseases or other organ diseases (liver, kidney, etc).
3. Test any pet with a recent bladder, kidney, liver disease etc. 2 weeks after treatment, then 1 month later, then 2 months later and then every 3 months indefinitely. If any signs recur then test Immediately. Test more frequently if your pet has had multiple recurring episodes of that disease or is 7 years or older.
4. Test at least monthly if your pet has any of these signs: increased drinking, increased appetite, increased urination frequency or urinating in the house, straining to urinate, dark colored urine or lighter colored urine, odor to urine, especially if your pet is greater than 7 old.
If your pet is losing weight (any number of diseases can cause this) -check for worms and heartworm disease with our other tests.
Any pet that is 7-10 years old needs more frequent testing, again depending on your pets overall health.
Pets older than 10 years:
1) in good health, with no signs of disease should test every 2 months.
2) Pets with poor health and other signs test every 1-2 months.
Note: We sell the strips only for those who test more frequently and already have the booklet, cover, etc. 6 strip pack @ 9.95, 12 strip pack @ 17.95 see our store to order. Do not purchase more than you will use in 12 months, since there is a concern of accuracy of the test strips over time.

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 What other problems or disease can the urine test help solve?
    Cats Spraying Walls, or Anywhere
    Urine and other odors
    Urine and other Stains
    Older Dogs Accidents/Retraining
    Urination in unusual locations
    Puppy training problems
    Urination outside of litter pans
    Dogs marking areas with urine
    Urine/Fecal Behavioral Problems
    Increased Thirst or Urination
    Increased Frequency of Urination
    Urine or Stool Damage to the lawn
If your pet is losing weight (any number of diseases) - check for worms and heartworm disease with our other tests.

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 How does the test work?
The Pet Health Checkup is a simple, easy test that includes everything you need. We provide easy to follow guides to help determine if your pet has an illness and if you need to see a veterinarian.
Just place one of the test strips in the urine, and circle the color on the enclosed chart (two test strips are provided). The charts that are provided help determine if the results are normal or abnormal.
If the results are normal, pet owners avoid a costly trip to a veterinarian, and use the booklet to help resolve behavioral/training problems.
If the pet has any of the 12 serious diseases which the urine test can help to detect, the pet owner can try some of the OTC treatments suggested. If the problem is serious we help you to realize that your pet needs to go to a veterinarian. The Pet Health Checkup is a great early detection system. Pets with serious diseases are diagnosed/treated much earlier to save lives. Early detection insures successful treatment and reduces treatment cost. Lastly, we help resolve urine burns to the lawn.

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 How do I save money?
1. Most problems of puppies are behavioral. Once you use our test and all results are normal, you realize that your pup/kitten has a training issue and you use our booklet to resolve those problems before your house is destroyed.
If all the test results are normal then you save a trip to your vet and save approximately $100. (Exam $45 - $65 + urine $30 - $45).
2. Dog and cats 1 yr - 7yrs with increased frequency of urination, or bloody urine, or house accidents frequently have a bladder disease. Many pet owners delay going to a vet - with this test you will know whether you have a helath issue (bladder disease) or behavioral.
3. Finally, our tests help you to realize sooner whether you have one of the more serious problems, and can institute veterinary care sooner.
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