Shur-Lock Collar

New and improved soft, flexible 60 mill polyethylene collars at a low price.

60 mill is 2-4 times thicker than the cheap collars most companies sell that allow pets to get them off and ruin their surgical procedures and cause you a lot of grief. You pay more for Shur-Lock but you get MUCH MUCH more collar.

Our collars stay on because they fit better and are much more adjustable with the nylon screws that hold them in place. Save time-no more changing from one size to the next and once they are on they stay on.


Why do the Shur-Lock TM collars fit better?

They are 2-4 times more adjustable.  A larger neck opening plus twice as many adjustment openings insure a better fit on a larger variety of breeds. (Example: Our 36" collars fits a 4" up to 8" neck. Our competition fits a 7-8" neck - A FOUR FOLD difference. THIS SAVES TIME!


How do the collars stay on the pet better?
To keep the collar locked together we use durable, but light weight nylon screws/wingnuts replacing the snaps. These screws and wing nuts easily tighten for a permanent lock. We guarantee they stay locked - OR your money back. Since all hardware is removable, cleaning up is QUICK & EASY. Made of indestructible heavy duty polypropylene plastic (60 mil).

Additional fastener openings are made to allow you to tie the E-collar to the pets own nylon or leather collar.

Not sure which collar size to get?
6"Large birds, very small pets, rabbits. under 2#
8"(Neck Size 1.5 - 2.5") puppies, rabbits, large birds, kittens 2-8#.
9"(Neck Size 2.0 to 3.0")puppies, rabbits, large birds, kittens 2-9#.
12"(Neck Size 2.0 to 4.0") puppies, cats, small dogs 5-15#.
18"(Neck Size 2.5 to 5.0") medium sized dogs. 15-40#.
24"(Neck Size 3.0 to 5.5") GS, Labs, Gt. Danes 40-80# 
30"(Neck Size 3.5 to 7.0") Large Dogs, G.S. Rottweilers 70-110#.
36"(Neck Size 4.0 to 8.0") Extra-Large Bull Mastifs, St. Bern. 110# or more

Facts: The most commonly used sizes are 12" (20% of sales) 18" (25% of sales) 24" (25% of sales) 30" (15% of sales). Less frequently used collars are 6" (2% of sales) 8" (5% of sales) 9" (5% of sales) and 36" (3% of sales). If you are a veterinary practice we would suggest that you use these facts to decide how many collars of each size to purchase.

For volume discounts or to order call 1-269-313-4197 or 1-269-921-4197,
fax to 1-269-429-6554,
or email to 

Orders $200 or more - SAVE 5%  on shipping
Orders $400 or more - SAVE 50% on shipping

Our collars stay on because they fit better.
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Save time - no more changing from one size to the next.

There is a 10% restocking fee for any returned collars and must not be damaged.